Sheet Music - Play Our Tunes!

“Adeline’s Reel"

Most of our repertoire is made up of old Irish traditional tunes and songs, and the best online source I know of to learn how to play these is Some of what we play, however, are actually contemporary tunes and songs written in a traditional style. Probably our most popular tune was written by my good friend Matthew Moller and myself as a guitar duet back while we were in college together. Years later I adapted it to the hammered dulcimer and expanded the tune with a couple of new sections. I named it “Adeline’s Reel” in honor of Matt’s young daughter, and it has become a staple of our live shows, where we often use it as a set closer. It is recorded on our debut CD, and I am fairly regularly asked to teach people how to play it. I finally decided to create sheet music for it, which I am posting here free for anyone who wishes to learn it. Please let me know if you have learned it, and if you really feel brave, please post a video of yourself playing it and send me a link!