Sheet Music - Play Our Tunes!

Most of our repertoire is made up of old Irish traditional tunes and songs, and the best online source I know of to learn how to play these is Some of what we play, however, are actually contemporary tunes and songs written in a traditional style. On this page we will occassionally post the sheet music to some of our most requested tunes for those who want to learn to play them. 

Perhaps someday we will play these tunes together!

“Adeline’s Reel"

Probably our most popular tune was written by my good friend Matthew Moller and myself as a guitar duet back when we were in college together. Years later I adapted it to the hammered dulcimer and expanded the tune with a couple of new sections. I named it “Adeline’s Reel” in honor of Matt’s young daughter, and it has become a staple of our live shows, where we often use it as a set closer. It is recorded on our debut CD, and I am fairly regularly asked to teach people how to play it. I finally decided to create sheet music for it, which I am posting here free for anyone who wishes to learn it. Please let me know if you have learned it, and if you really feel brave, please post a video of yourself playing it and send me a link!

“Calliope House/Pet in the Kitchen"

This set is also from our debut CD. “Calliope House” is one of my favorite melodies in the whole world! It was written by Dave Richardson of the Boys of the Lough. Interestingly, he wrote it on a mandolin in the key of E, but like most Irish session players, we play it in the key of D. Also, if you listen closely to our recorded version you will notice that I actually play the opening phrase slightly wrong every time it comes around- hey I’d just learned the tune! Sorry Dave! Anyway, the notes are correct in this transcription. “Pet in the Kitchen” is a traditional tune with many variations most likely from County Donegal. Among other names it is also sometimes known as “The One Horned Sheep.”